Here’s a Little Update on Me

I have been thinking that a good writer can talk about anything and make it worth reading. Today’s blog will be an object lesson. I want to show that I can take an ordinary event in my life and pique your interest. You will be the judge of my success. So now I am going to take a crack at it.

Recently, I was driving home from a simple errand in town and bam! I was rear-ended by a teenager texting a friend. It was a minor fender bender but so unnecessary. If kids would just pay attention to the laws, we would not be going around with sore backs and stiff necks. Yes, the car is fine and I am fine after a complete workup by my doctor. I do notice a difference, however, when I go to the gym. I am not at my best and my back is bothering me a lot of the time. I suppose it will go away, but meanwhile….

I decide to try some home remedies such as hot baths with Epson salts, a heating pad, a hot oil rubdown, and the best massage chair pad. A what! Yes, a massage chair pad. This is something wonderful you can put on an office or home chair to get instant back and neck relief. Do you want to know more? I am going to tell you. Such a pad is electrical so you need an outlet so unless you are camping, it should be practical in most any location. It has several settings so you can turn up the intensity as you wish. If you want to go full throttle, you can elect to use the radiant heat. Sometimes I like to do a heat treatment first, followed by gentle, then vigorous pulsation. It is like a human hand kneading your aching muscles and I must say that it is quite effective.

Imagine a hard day at work and coming home unable to move. You must rush to the closet and pull out the massage chair. Set it up at your home office desk and get ready for a wild ride. Start with high to get your muscles instant relief. You can tone it down later after a long session at this setting. If you feel so inclined, add heat. All the features together equal an afternoon at the local spa. I kid you not. Some people, like me, get so hooked that they keep the pad out all the time. It can be moved to your easy chair if you want to watch TV. Some enterprising genius engineer invented this godsend.

The next best thing would be a foot massage, but I must confess that nothing happened to my feet during my “accident.” The mother of the teenager who hit me was so apologetic that she sent me such a device a couple of days later. You don’t need to be in a fender bender to enjoy it.