Exciting Promotional Opportunity

Writers have certain perks that come with the territory. I am thinking of various publishing promotions and spiffs. Then there is the advance on your book. Now that is most welcome. It is more than exciting, not only because it is income, but also because it means you are in print. Getting published is the ever-present goal. Once you do it, you get the bug and must do it again. No one can say that it was a fluke. You must be good and people want to read what you have to say, fiction or non-fiction. You have arrived.

A big perk is when you see a review in the paper or online. If you make the literary magazines, you are in the top tier. You deserve a big pat on the back. This is the end result, the final joy. There is nothing quite like it, except maybe when your book needs a second run. Meanwhile you are off and running on a new work. Some people write things in a series or as a sequel. Others go in an entirely different direction. I believe in having a style or a recognizable voice. Anyone who writes knows what I mean. Unless you are a ghostwriter imitating another’s image, you want to be distinctive and unique. The goal of writing is not to make money, although that is important. It is also to speak to an audience about a particular subject.

If you haven’t started yet, let me give you some advice. Keep a journal manually or on your tablet or laptop. Your ideas can be stored for future reference. Jot down words, themes, and whole sentences if you like. It will help your recall later. Once you arrive at a genre—romance, history, relationship drama, humor, horror, or sci-fi, you can saturate yourself in your chosen direction. Some people even dream about their plot and characters as if they were alive. Others are content to think about it such that it is all ready to come out when you sit at the keyboard.

Writing has the biggest perk of them all: satisfaction. You are working within your profession on a regular basis. Meanwhile, I can’t discount some unusual perks. My publishing company does promotion for their various authors and has created a number of giveaway items for the public. I was asked to choose first. I noticed that one of them was a large canvas backpack emblazoned with the company logo. I’d been reading about backpacks to suit my style that morning on Business Bag Review, and I knew that this would do very nicely for toting books to expos. I am asked now and then to sign a book and I will have it stashed away right by my side.

There you have it in one blog: all the positive aspects of being a writer and published author, plus a few handy tips. If you are lucky enough to have the gift for words, by all means take a shot at it, if only for your own pleasure.