Treating Myself

One of my favorite ways of relaxing is sitting outside by the pool in a chaise lounge watching a giant TV screen. More and more people are enjoying them as an alternative to stifling inside a stuffy den. It makes me fall asleep. When the weather is balmy, as it is now, you can’t beat this form of fresh air entertainment. You can jump in the pool during the commercials if you like or grab a quick snack. I always have a cooler filled with an assortment of beverages. The problem is that I am finding the best outdoor TVs are expensive, because you want a large size. It is your own mini backyard drive-in for one, except that you walk to it.

I want to spend some of my book royalties as a treat to myself and my friends say, why not go on a vacation. I respond that once it’s over, the money is gone. You can have the TV mounted on a patio wall for many years. I could get addicted to this outdoor viewing. If it starts to get cold later in the night, I have a nice, soft terry blanket. I used to take it to the beach and wrap myself in its warmth as I waited for the fire to be ignited in the pit. Now it serves a new purpose.

Other friends suggest I buy a really nice piece of jewelry. How about a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings or an 18k gold ring. These last longer than a TV for sure. Yet others opt for a new wardrobe forgetting that a writer doesn’t dress for work. My office is at home! I can wear pajamas and slippers if I like. I don’t, but I could! There are many ways to spend your money; I know that and have given it great thought.

I want to indulge in the big TV because I watch every night. It will get a lot of use, more than the indoor unit. I used to read outside but find that the light isn’t conducive to it for very long. I have a book light for the evenings but it always falls off. I read in the house most of the time when I am not on a roll with a new book. I find that now I need to make time for a little TV magic. With Netflix and On Demand, you can watch the great movies you missed at the theater. Plus, you don’t have to put up with people talking and popping their gum. I also hate it when they rest your feet on the back of your seat.

A real perk will be to heat the pool and sit on a raft as you scan your outdoor screen. I hate to call it a “small screen,” as most refer to TVs, because the one I like is huge. I will invite a few friends, open a bottle of wine, and select the latest hit. Lucky me!