Promo Tour

I am so excited that my new book is out. It seems like I have waited for an eternity. Now comes the promotion period and the inevitable reviews. It is a make or break experience cranking up the sales. I have to travel for a couple of weeks on a “book tour” to be interviewed by local press and to sign books in the few existing bookstores. Thank goodness for small towns with a book store right there in the middle of Main Street. With Internet sales, you do so much better, but it doesn’t feel the same at all. When the last store closes, I will shed many tears.

I love meeting the public and discussing the finer points of my book, but I get overtired and badly need some rest. There are times when I get back to my hotel room and just crash before I even check my emails and text messages for the day. I am lucky if I have a minute to grab a quick dinner. I try to go alone as I would have been talking a blue streak all day long. If my agent insists, he comes along and we plan the rest of the promo tour. I get a new itinerary and post it to my digital calendar. He likes it best when we review the sales figures. As for me, I am dreaming about a sequel.

The hotels have blackout curtains which block sound and light, but in the morning, I have a really hard time waking up. I have resorted to taking a travel sunrise alarm with me – you can see one here if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I find this is the most pleasing way to rise as opposed to an annoying blaring alarm. The traditional method works, but I end up grumpy and irritated. I love that the alarm simulates a beautiful natural sunrise almost as if I were awaking in a fairytale fantasy. Who invented these devices? A genius no doubt. I remember when it was a big treat to wake up to your favorite radio station. Unfortunately, you might get the news or a hated song. Programmable custom sunrise alarms are a much better way to go. The light show that greets me in the morning makes me smile and produces an instant good mood. I like the alarm so much that I have given it to numerous friends as gifts. Every single recipient has been ecstatic.

You can opt for nature sounds like birds or waves, but they sometimes sound odd and artificial. Maybe I could ask the alarm to whisper sweet words in my ear like “get up beautiful” or “arise you wonderful being.” Ha! I am happy to stick with the sunrise for now. If I want to get creative later, I will set the gadget on rainbow hues or floral bouquet. Someday, I expect that the manufacturers will invent a way to include pleasant smells like garden mist or ocean breeze just like they have talked about piping into movie theaters to enhance the reality of a film. It is a nice proposition.